Gator Golf Rules

1st Annual Gator Hockey Golf Open

Indian Hill Country Club – Newington, CT

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Message from the Committee

On behalf of the Gator Hockey Club along with Gear Up Foundation, we wish to thank you in advance for taking time out of your personal and business schedule to make this 1st annual event a success. Your involvement adds to the overall quality of the tournament and more importantly, impacts the lives of all who benefit from Gear Up Foundation.

Player Registration

Player registration begins at 12:30-1:00 p.m. in the club house. After registration, you are welcome to warm up on the driving range. Golfers need to be in their carts by 1:45 p.m.

Schedule of Events

o 12:30-1:00 p.m.– Registration

o 1:45 p.m. – Players in carts

o 2:00 p.m. – Shotgun start

Dinner and awards reception following play

Rules Sheet

1. Format of the Tournament is four-person select-shot (“captain’s choice”). All four team players tee off; one shot is selected and its ball position is marked. Each of the four players then places and hits his/her ball from within one club-length of the selected shot, but no closer to the hole; however, a ball cannot be moved onto the green if the selected shot is not on the green, and all putts must be made from the same spot. In addition, a ball in the rough can only be moved to the fairway without penalty if it is within one club-length of the fairway. If the selected ball is within a hazard (i.e. sand trap) all players must hit from within the confines of the hazard and no closer to the hole. If all four shots go out-of-bounds, there is a one-stroke penalty and another series of shots must be played from the original ball location.

2. Observe proper golf etiquette at all times. Except as noted in these Tournament Rules, all golf course rules and applicable U.S.G.A. rules apply to play in the Tournament. There is no restriction on the number of clubs a player may carry. Avoid slow play and try to keep up with the group ahead.  Course rangers have the authority to allow faster teams to play through. Please do not spend more than TWO minutes looking for a lost ball.

Proper Attire

Proper golf attire must be worn at all times. All players are required to wear collared shirts, slacks, shorts or skirts (of mid-length) that are hemmed and in good condition. Tank tops, swimwear, cutoffs, gym shorts, denim shorts or denim pants are NOT acceptable.

3. If a team is missing one or more players at the starting time, the other players should begin play. A team member who shows up after his/her team has started may join the team out on the course and must begin play with the team at its current position. If a team member does not show up, the rest of the team may complete to tournament play, but no extra shots will be allowed in order to make up for the missing player.

4. Men golfers (all ages, including male juniors/seniors) tee off from the white tees and women golfers (including female juniors/seniors) from the red tees on all holes (this does not include the use of purchased package deals).

5. All of the following require additional purchase.

$20.00 – Mulligan & String Package: Each team is allowed one mulligan per team member for the entire round of 18 holes. No other mulligans are allowed. A team member may NOT use another team member’s mulligan and any unused mulligans are forfeited. A mulligan is described as a shot retaken, due to an errant shot, in other words, a redo. In addition, each team is allowed one string per team member (if purchased) for the entire round of 18 holes. No other strings are allowed. A team member may NOT use another team member’s mulligan and any unused strings are forfeited. A string is described as a continuation of a shot, or putt without an additional stroke being added (String provided in tournament).

$40.00 – The Big Gator Deal: With purchase, one player can tee off from the “RED” tees instead of “WHITE”.  Each team is eligible to purchase no more than two (2) Big Gator Deals. No other “RED” tee’s are allowed. Any unused “RED” tees are forfeited. A “RED” tee is described as any male player that would normally tee off from the white tees, will be allowed to tee off from the “RED” tees. Females who have a “red tee” as part of a package deal already tee off from the red tees and may not transfer that “red tee” to any other player.  Thus, female golfers do not get a red tee or any other special purchased item in place of the “red tee”.

A player may use a mulligan, string, or “red” tee for any shot EXCEPT; they are NOT eligible for any of the longest drive or closest-to-the-pin

6. Each team must putt out on each hole; there are no “gimmies.” If a team member taps in a putt before the others on the team have taken their turn, then that stroke counts and play on that hole is completed.

7. A marker will be placed in the fairway by a Tournament official to indicate the location of the longest drive on hole (TBA). To qualify for the prize, the drive must be in the fairway and judged by the official to be farthest from the tee. The one-club-length rule may not be used to move a drive onto the fairway for the purposes of eligibility for the longest-drive contests.

8. All ties will be broken comparing the scores, relative to par, of the tied teams for holes beginning with the first hole played by each team. In the event two teams tie the lowest score from the first hole (#1) determines the winner. In the event of a tie from the first hole the lowest score from the second hole (#2) will determine the tie breaker, and so on.

9. The Tournament Director will resolve all disputes regarding this Tournament, and his/her decisions will be and are FINAL.

Gator Golf Rules


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