The Gators began in 1997, sitting at the back of the Junior Whalers bus heading to another win in the EJHL.  It began with a concept that a good hockey team should be a team full of friends that want to have fun and win.  So Madskills was born.  Madskills, wearing bright yellow sweaters tore through the ETR Summer league that year, only losing 1 game.

But as time continued, it was time to play with the big boys and a name change was necessary.  The Gators were born and came out with a roar.  The roster boasted multiple college players and dominated whomever they played.  Winning their last championship in 1999.  They also reached the ETR Finals in 2000, but eventially lost.

The Gators laid dormat for many years after that terrible loss.  But a few of them came together to make a trip to Montreal at the CAN-AM festival.  They combined forces with the Pro Power Bulls who were dominating the URI League, winning 3 Commish Cups in 4 years.  The Gators/Bulls finish 4th out of 8 teams, mainly due to losing guys in the city on Saturday night.

But The Gators are back, wearing the same jerseys with the stained blood, sweat and tears.


Connecticut's Most Notorious Hockey Club

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