Jacob Returns, Gators Cruise To Big Win


Tory Jacob recently recovering from a shoulder injury that sidelined him for most of the year, returned last night and helped the Gators cruised to beat Kahoots 14-3   “It was great to finally get back out there and make some moves.  I felt good for the most part” said Jacob.

It was one of the most lopsided victories this NAHL season.

Kahoots Coach Todd Forselius screamed in defense. “We have a great record against the Gators, always have, but some times you need to have a realty check every once in a while.  A total fluke on an off night.”  What is not a total fluke is the fact that Forselius juggles goalies like he’s Mike Kenean.

You can not blame the loss on the Kahoots goalie, he played 2 great periods letting up 5 after the first and 0 in the third, but struggled to find his form in the second period, giving up 9 goals.  Gators did all they can do to break his spirit, then in the third, Gates decided to try and break his jock strap with a slap shot, just classless.

Gators candidate for MVP, Brendan “Hotstick” McKiernan was to trying to prove that he belongs on the top line as he matched Tory Jacob point for point on the night.  McKiernan could not finish off the hat trick, even after 9 attempts.

Goalie Jason Szerszen was in top form last night, making sure that he skated to every player to introduce himself before each faceoff and a couple during the play.  His attempts to get an assist and send a man on a breakaway can be called a “laughing stock” but at least he is willing to pass the puck, right McNeil?


Kahoots Beat Gators In Shootout – 9-8



In the last ditch effort, both Kahoots and Gators came down to the wire to work out a deal with the NAHL to complete the season. Payments were due but it was with a little controversy. Kahoots owner, Todd Forselius tried the credit card switch, as he tried to use a fake card. “It used to work, I am not sure what the problem was. Home Depot takes it all the time.”

The game was delayed 43 minutes, as the Gators waited for goalie Jason Szerszen. However, Szerszen never got the 4 text messages sent to him. He was still unavailable at the time of press time. Touche? It was also reported the “Goalie” was also dumped via text message and he didn’t get that either, as his wife returned, she screamed “Why you here? Get off my couch!”

Now to the game.

Gators were able to finally find a local goalie, thanks to Vic Hurtek for his valuable resources. Except when you need an adult helmet, not much help there.

The Gators struck early and often and taking advantage of an “off-night” Kahoots goalie. But teasing with a 5-1 lead, Kahoots fought back to force overtime and then a shootout. Breakaways by McDougal, Coccaro, and Gates could not provide the results in the late minutes of the 3rd period and overtime.

McDougal said, “The post played a great game. I can’t speak to the other chokers, but for me, they were great saves.”

Gators and Kahoots look to face-off again this coming Tuesday. Somebody make sure you send a text message to Szerszen and let him know when and WHERE.

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